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ActionCOACH has been in business and working with all industries to refine our training offerings for 30 years. The knowledge and training programs generated over that time have brought significant improvements to thousands of businesses around the world. We work with 18,000+ business each week world-wide.

Your local ActionCOACH team has thousands of hours of group / team training facilitation experience. We have stood in front of teams with brands that you recognize as having both great products and great cultures - H-E-B Grocery Company, Chick-fil-a, and Whataburger Restaurants. Your team will receive world-class training from local certified coaches and trainers.

Below is a wide array of the types of training that we offer, but if there is a specific area that you would like to offer to your team - let us know. We have resources that we can pull and deliver a customized training offering just for you. These offerings can be delivered either in-person or via zoom for remote attendees.

Professional Development

Personal / Mindset

Multi-Week / Reinforced Training


Your business grows as your team grows.

Our clients know that the level of customer service that they can provide will never exceed the level of service that they provide each other - their peers and co-workers.

Want to improve your customer experience and service levels? Improve your teamwork and communication.

Below is a list of professional development offerings that are geared to improving skills and impact that you can have - internally and externally. We would love to engage with your team in a 1-hour workshop to dive into one of these workshops. These can be expanded to 2-3 hour events to dive even deeper.

  • Developing an Executive Presence 

You are the manager of your own personal brand. You are responsible for ensuring that you manage 3 critical components of Performance, Image, and Exposure. Join us for insightful & interactive workshop to identify key things that you can & should be doing to establish & enhance your executive presence.

  • Who would miss you if where gone (non-profit)? 

You are in the business of serving, not selling. But, how do you effectively share your impact with your community, donors, and volunteers? Come join us for an interactive learning session that will reveal ways to track, measure, and report your value within your community. Take away some of the best techniques from leading experts on story-telling and engaging others in your mission/vision/purpose. 

  • Non-Profit Board training / offsite facilitation

We love non-profits and the value that they bring to our communities. Our desire is to ensure that every dollar that is donated is spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. We create and deliver unique trainings and offsite facilitation for boards that focus on topics including board roles and responsibilities, communication, decision tree / matrix for Executive Directors, committee alignment and focus, and development of community impact reporting for donors and volunteers.

  • Developing your leadership presence

You are challenged to recruit and retain good talent. Couple that with the fact that people don’t quit organizations, they quit leaders – we all need to improve our leadership skills. In this interactive workshop you will develop an action plan to improve your leadership skills across 4 key disciplines: emotional intelligence, providing feedback, situational leadership, and effective goal development.

  • Critical Thinking Skills 

Critical thinking is the art of analyzing and evaluating and does not come natural to many of us. However, there are critical thinking skills that can be applied by all of us through the use of some simple frameworks that challenge us to think about all the possibilities before we take action.

  • Storytelling

The best leaders are storytellers. Join us to learn simple techniques to instantly improve your storytelling ability. Connect with teams. Move teams emotionally. Thousands of speakers have moved from adequate to expert by using a standard framework that has been proven time and again. Fun, interactive, and informative.

  • Consistency Wins! – Developing an Excellent Customer Experience 

Great customer service delivery seems to be a dying artform in today’s business world. Join us as we share the secret to driving your business’ customer satisfaction to greater heights. Gain insight into what some of the top brands in customer service know and teach their teams about great customer service. You may be surprised at the simplicity!

  • Situational Leadership 

Great leaders don't have their own management style that everyone else needs to adapt to - they adapt their style to each team member / delegated task. Ken Blanchard (One-Minute Manager) built a fantastic model for matching your delegation to the individual. This single workshop can dramatically improve your productivity and engagement.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to improve both your self & relational skills as we walk through the four categories of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

  • Behavior-based Feedback

Feedback - how often do you avoid saying what needs to be said because you avoid conflict? Join us as we walk through proven, effective models of behavior-based feedback and FeedForward as ways to provide and solicit necessary information to improve.

  • Your Behavior & Communication Styles (DISC + VAK)

Our most popular assessment and the world’s #1 behavioral profiling tool. A person’s behavior is often the strongest predictor of fit; whether that is within a specific job, as a member of a team, or as the leader of an organization. Learn to identify the behavioral styles of others and adapt.

  • Your Sales IQ – how complete is your sales approach?

This award-winning skills test measures each professional’s understanding of the sales strategies required to successfully win,retain and grow clients. Jointly developed by 3 best-selling sales authorities: Jeffrey Gitomer (The Sales Bible), Jim Cathcart (Relationship Selling), Dr. Tony Alessandra (The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery). Sales IQ Plus plays an integral role in the sales training successes of organizations around the world.


The single biggest determinant of your success? Your beliefs.

We often believe that business improvement is purely a physical activity. We want to focus on making changes or improvements through:

  • Adding Technical Skills
  • Doing the Work
  • Mapping our Processes
  • Building Capacity

However, so much of growing our business state with growing ourselves individually - the personal / mindset portion of our lives.

Investing in the development of your team can be one of the greatest gifts you have to offer and you gain benefits from engagement, satisfaction, and retention - at the same time!

Below is a list of personal / mindset offerings that we have developed. We would love to engage with your team in a 1-hour workshop to dive into one of these workshops. These can be expanded to 2-3 hour events to dive even deeper.

  • Secrets to Dream Building 

When did you last allow yourself to dream? Really dream big. Many of us stopped dreaming somewhere around the age of 12. Are you ready to dream again? Join us in a fast-paced, interactive workshop that will not only challenge you to dream and imagine what is possible, but will also provide you with some key proven techniques to achieve those dreams!  

  • Gratitude & Regrets 

Gratitude and Regret are two of the most powerful human emotions. Join us in a fast-paced and interactive workshop to gain an understanding how to improve your interactions with others through these two very powerful emotions.

  • Getting out of your own way

Who is the biggest detractor and negative force in your life? For most people – it’s you! You self-sabotage yourself through blind spots in your Emotional Intelligence or in your internal monologues. We breakdown self-awareness and self-management categories of EQ and then challenge you to learn about the internal voices that sabotage us from Positive Intelligence.

  • Focus! Gaining & Maintaining Laser Focus in a distracted world

Time is the one constant, and equalizer, for all of us. No one gets more time in the day. The most successful people in business and in life make the most of the time that they have been given. You can do that too! Join us as we share with you the best thinking from top experts over the last half century, combined into a single framework you can utilize to unlock your highest productivity level.


Adult Education works best when reinforced over an extended period of time.

While the offerings listed above are targeted to a single topic or skill development, other training needs to be introduced over a period of weeks - and then reinforced to drive true behavioral or habitual changes.

We have a series of offerings that are geared to build on themselves over a series of weeks deliver maximum impact.

These trainings work best when cohorts with a minimum of 4 participants are engaged in the learning together. Happy to combine multiple departments, offices, or even businesses together to yield benefit for participants.

  • 12-Week Sales

A comprehensive 12-week series providing essential skills critical to becoming a great salesperson. Transform mindset and beliefs about sales, customers, and your product line. Learn proven negotiation and objection handling skills, Discover the key factors to delivering on customer service promises and create raving fans.

  • 12-Week Management

Management is a system designed to deliver competency and productivity. This 12-week series providing essential skills critical to becoming a great manager. This a system that can be practiced and learned - you can become dramatically better at ensuring the consistency and predictability of execution of the processes and tasks needed to run your business.

  • 12-Week Leadership

Great leaders provide focus and passion for their teams. Leaders depend on the systems of management to provide competent and productive workforce; they can then target the activities as needed to deliver results for the business. This 12-week series provides & reinforces some of the softer skills necessary to improve your leadership style and presence.

  • 8-Week Productivity

Based on our exclusive TimeGainer model, this is a comprehensive 8-week series providing essential skills critical to gaining hours of productive time back into your week - every week. We've taken the best learning from top experts on the disciplines and practices related to productivity - Join us to make the most of each and every day.

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