Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation

What Are They Saying?

Jennica Colvin - TrioRehab

David Abshire - Midwest Compressor

Gwen Hicks - Amarillo Angels

Billy May - English Rose Boutique

"ActionCOACH has greatly helped us improve our recruiting and hiring processes. We more than doubled our applicants by implementing the very simple changes they taught us. We now have many qualified candidates and the tools to pick the very best person."

- Kristin Blackwell (North Plains Groundwater District)

"These folks are so sincere and helpful. I literally feel like I'm walking around with a secret to being successful in business - I want to share that feeling! Complete game-changer."

- Shauna Richburg (Classic Cleaning)

“What Rory and his team are bringing to West Texas is something we haven’t seen or experienced here. The depth of offerings that cover so many industries and business skills, along with the professional approach to improving our businesses and community, is what Amarillo really needs.”

- Mary Coyne (MCMC-Marketing)

After receiving a capacity building grant from National Angels using donations raised from a fundraising walk completed by Producer Eddie from the Bobby Bones Show, Amarillo Angels began working with ActionCoach of West Texas.

We wanted to focus on the improvement of our systems, internal infrastructure, and create plans that were strategic and moved our trajectory forward in a way that had amazed us. Our goal was to help grow our organization so we could support even more local children, youth and families who are experiencing foster care.

* Thankfully, through the help of ActionCoach, amazing donors, and our wonderful community we have been able to do just that!

Our friends at Action Coach nominated us for a national award through their company and we were delighted to be named a national finalist! We didn't take home this trophy, but we definitelv wot because we have grown!

- Gwen Hicks (Amarillo Angels)

“[Rory,] you are a unicorn my friend!! Your breadth and depth of business experiences and wisdom have been a benefit to all companies you have served. Most importantly, you leave behind a long trail of people you have mentored, and you’ve modeled for them great Christian behaviors and extraordinary business experience. They may never know where their knowledge and value originated, but you and I know you were a key ingredient in their success.”

- Preston Atkinson (former CEO, Whataburger Restaurants)

"Rory developed, launched, and nurtured our division’s Business Excellence strategy which has significantly advanced our service, quality, and productivity.  This underpinning strategy continues to align our expectations and vision  across fifteen departments and three hundred Partners."

- Megan Rooney (CFO, H-E-B Grocery)

2021 Net Promoter Score Survey

image of NPS - North America
image of NPS - Texas
image of NPS - West Texas

North America

State of Texas

ActionCOACH of West Texas

How has your business changed since you started working with ActionCOACH of West Texas?

  • We're much more effective and able to do better work for our clients. We're in a position of being able to accept new work instead of just keeping up with what we have. 
  • I am more cognizant of how to work on my business instead of always in my business. The tools Action Coach provides allows me to measure and know what is truly happening within my business and make decisions based on objective data.
  • We are organized to take on the largest contract in the history of our company.
  • I have a much clearer focus on how I should be spending my time. I am promoting the team to care for customers with their work instead of me needing to be the one to control everything.
  • Better focus and direction.
  • It's helped me to find balance and recognize that I have to make time to work on the business not just in it.
  • Rory has given me some great ideas for conversations with my board, and is helping my team improve communications about our programs and mission.

How has your life changed since you started working with ActionCOACH of West Texas? (i.e. Are you now able to spend more time with family, take more vacations, or give back to your community?)

  • 100% have put boundaries in place to preserve spending time with family instead of working every possible minute. 
  • I am taking off most of four days a month now. Before ... none.
  • It's not so much more time, but different time. We have been able to be part of leading some different community things, that normally we wouldn't be able to do.
  • I'm better able to prioritize my time with the time management tools provided.
  • My work/life balance has not changed, but I have identified some administrative work to shift to an employee better suited for it, which has created space for me to work on other aspects of the org.

ActionCOACH as a brand received a remarkable score of 80. The North America region and the state of Texas raised the bar with a score of 85. ActionCOACH of West Texas' clients rated the level of service as "Excellent/Outstanding" with a Net Promoter Score of 100.

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