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Take your business to the next level with an ActionMEMBERSHIP.

ActionMEMBERSHIP will give you access to an exclusive peer partner program featuring accountability, group coaching, monthly business education, and insights from some of the world’s most sought-after business leaders.

The best way to experience the benefit of an ActionMEMBERSHIP is to attend one of our Member Days to see first how investing in this membership will help you 10x your life and business.

Our Next Amarillo Event:

  • Wednesday, August 30
  • Location:

Hyatt Place - Amarillo West

8985 W. Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79124

8:00am - 11:30am

Our Next Lubbock Event:

  • Wednesday, August 23
  • Location:

ActionCOACH of Lubbock offices

5001 W Loop 289 Ste 318, Lubbock, TX 79414

1:00pm - 4:30pm

Reserve your Spot at Our next Member Day!

Spend a half day with West Texas's top business coaching, education, and training team. Learn from internationally acclaimed business leaders and network with other local business leaders.  


Order Summary
Member Day - First Time

What are attendees saying about Member Day

Don't just take our word for it! Here is what business leaders from Amarillo and Lubbock are saying about their experience of attending our Member Day event in January.

"The meeting was dynamic - and I loved that they addressed that we are all a whole person - not just as a business owner. I have a role as a spouse and a parent, as well.

"The Mastermind session alone generated so much value. I identified $15,000 in annual benefits - just from that session alone!"

"What I liked best was the challenge to be a continuous learner - and the numerous book, video, and podcast references that were shared by the coaches during the discussions."

"Can't wait for more!"

"Be X Do = Have - I never thought about the fact that to Have something different, I needed to Do something different - which means I will have to Become someone different."

"They provided me a framework [6 Steps Scorecard] to track and understand my direct accountability to my business' health."

Quantifying the Impact of Education / Learning

We challenge every attendee to capture, quantify, and over time track the impact of the key learnings that had while attending Member Day.

Attendees tracked, tabulated, reported an amazing amount of projected impacts from the lessons from Brad Sugars, Marshall Goldsmith, and your ActionCOACH of West Texas team.

For the month of January, there was an incredible $1.5 million dollars in projected annual impact. Even if we take a very aggressive pair of scissors to those estimates, there was in excess of $10,000 in projected impact for each attendee.

Our commitment is to track and follow-up with attendees so that they can:

  • become better estimators of savings, increases, impacts
  • be accountable to their commitments each month
  • realize the impacts on their businesses
  • improve their communities

Membership Overview

Membership is a community-based program for business leaders - you join a community of like-minded people working on the development of their business, their teams, and of themselves.

Depending on the program you choose (Premium or Elite Membership) there is a combination of weekly peer group meetings (cohorts of 3), monthly one-day group sessions (entire community), and a quarterly planning day.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Premier Membership

Includes all of the features / benefits below:

  • Weekly Peer Group of 3 for weekly education & accountability
  • Monthly ½ Day with West Texas’s #1 Coaching Firm ($12,000/yr value)
  • International Speakers - facilitated video learning ($20,000/yr value)
  • #1 Business Coach Brad Sugars ($50,000/yr value)
  • DISC + Motivators Assessment ($100 Value)
  • 4 GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning Workshops ($1980/yr value)
  • Online Training Portal with 30x Life/Business/Wealth training courses ($2600/yr value)
  • Get your business above $250,000 / yr


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Membership Elite

Everything in Premier Membership plus:

  • DISC & Motivators Assessment + 30-minute coaching session ($150 value)
  • Owner’s Mini Alignment ($1500 value)
  • ½ Day Mastermind each month with other business leaders ($15,000/yr value)
  • Get your business above $500,000 / yr


Membership Elite + Group

Everything Included in Membership Elite plus

  • Weekly coach facilitated group of 3 Leaders working on individual aspects of your business using ActionCOACH systems and frameworks to accelerate your business and personal growth
  • One attendee free to any ActionCOACH of West Texas paid workshops
  • Get your business above $750,000 / yr


Membership Elite + 1:1

Everything Included in Membership Elite plus

  • Individual 1:1 weekly coaching with your certified ActionCOACH working on individual aspects of your business using ActionCOACH systems and frameworks to accelerate your business and personal growth
  • DISC & Motivators Assessment + 30-minute coaching session for you + your leadership team (up to $1250 value)
  • Owner + Partner / Business Full Alignment ($2500 value)
  • One attendee free to any 12-week training offering / quarter
  • Get your business above $1,000,000 / yr

Talk to a Coach!

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We C.A.R.E. about our members!

ActionCOACH global vision is world abundance through business re-education. For us to accomplish that very lofty vision, we use a CARE model:

Community - every month we will bring our members together for a half-day of world-class education, networking, and fun. We know that business leadership can feel like a very lonely role - you shouldn't go it alone! Community is critical to staying on course to achieving your dreams!

Accountability - everyone needs a coach, an accountability partner. Top athletes, entertainers, and CEO's all have coaches. We all need someone who is willing to be that unreasonable friend when you don't want to keep moving forward, but also someone who will hold you accountable to celebrating your wins!

Results - it starts with our name ActionCOACH. Every one of our members is action-oriented and results-focused. Business leadership is not a new discipline - come learn what successful business owners have been doing for hundreds of years. There is no need for you to recreate the wheel, but you should reap the benefits from all those who created successful processes to begin with!

Education - the Peter principle is alive and well: you will grow to the level of your incompetence - and then stop. If you are not continuing to learn and grow, your business will stop growing and stagnate at this same level! Don't let this be your business' fate - stay hungry for new knowledge and understanding. We have lined up a phenomenal list of international best-selling writers and speakers to share their knowledge with you each month (e.g. Marshall Goldsmith, Susan Lechter, Travis Bell, Marcus Sheridan). The real power of this education comes not only from the speakers but also from the interaction and discussions with like-minded peers in the room!


Are you ready to experience:

  • World-class education + facilitated discussion with other business leaders on that education
  • Opportunity to mastermind on issues that are critical to your business growth
  • Targeted education from Coach Rory & Coach Tiffani on topics we're talking about with entrepreneurs daily
  • Networking with like-minded professionals
  • Access to our sponsors: trusted firms / organizations that can add value to your business

Amarillo Dates - 2023

(All dates are Wednesdays)

  • August 30
  • September 20 (includes 90-day planning)
  • October 18
  • November 15 (includes 2024 annual planning)
  • December 13

Lubbock Dates - 2023

(All dates are Wednesdays)

  • August 23
  • September 27 (includes 90-day planning)
  • October 25
  • November 29 (includes 2024 annual planning)
  • December 20

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We have ActionMEMBERSHIP options to meet you where you are and help you achieve your life and business goals. The first step is to attend a Member Day so that you can experience it first-hand!

Order Summary
Member Day - First Time

"The BIGGEST mistake you can make is to do nothing."

Brad Sugars