Giving Thanks for Your Gift

There are times when you know­­–without a doubt–you are on this earth for a reason. If you've ever wandered around aimlessly contemplating your purpose, considering a myriad of possibilities, chances are your calling has now made itself loud and clear.

You are a business owner–this is your gift. 

You're not just thinking about it. You're not just playing at it. You're not just preparing to do it one day in the future. You’re doing it.

So, if you find yourself hesitating to offer your services for some reason, ask yourself this question: "Am I doing them a disservice by NOT showing up in their lives?"

Why? Because you are changing lives. For the better.

If you're dealing with worthiness questions, you're not alone. As professionals, we all have been there at least once, and we likely visit there from time to time. It's normal. This means you're taking your work seriously and recognizing the awesome responsibility associated with changing lives, helping folks, and solving their problems.

Refuse to allow yourself the luxury of thinking you're not ready for that next client who appears to be out of your league. Refuse to listen to that voice in your head telling you, “Maybe someday when things are better … when I'm better prepared … when I have more experience … when the timing is right …." Don’t be your own roadblock.

Rise to your challenge. Accept your gift, and you will experience more personal growth than you've ever known. Embrace your destiny, and your clients and everyone else you touch in this life will be better off just for having shared your space.

"Only Action gets you closer to your dreams - do something today that your future self will thank you for."


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