Believe you can

 A young man fell asleep during math class. He woke up as the bell rang and copied down the two problems on the blackboard, assuming they were homework. He went home and labored the rest of the afternoon and into the evening knowing if he didn't complete the work, he would surely fail the class.
He couldn't figure out either one, but he kept trying for the rest of the week. Finally, he got the answer to one and brought it to class. The teacher was absolutely stunned. The student feared he had done too little, too late. It turned out the problem he solved was supposedly unsolvable.
Power commanders
How did he do it? He could do what everyone thought impossible because he believed it was possible. He not only believed it was possible, but he also believed that if he didn't solve it, he would fail the class. Had he known the problem was unsolvable, he could never have done it. Wouldn't have even started trying to solve it.
Beliefs are the commanders of our brain. When we believe something is true, we shift into the state where it is true. Beliefs handled effectively are a powerful force for creating good in our lives. Maybe even the most powerful force!

The birth of excellence
Beliefs control our destiny: The belief we have in ourselves...the belief we have in our clients...the belief others have in us. The birth of excellence begins with the awareness that our beliefs are a choice.
Quite simply, beliefs are the compass and map that guide us to our goals. Believe you can do something or believe you can't. Either way, you are right every time.

"Only Action gets you closer to your dreams - do something today that your future self will thank you for."


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