7 Quick Tips on Leadership

Building Your Team by Brad Sugars

  • TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE: Leaders think about the future and help others see the future. As Mark Collar says, “Leaders teach people to dream, not just execute.”

  • TEACH SOMEONE SOMETHING: Leaders are involved in their organization and committed to growing organizational capability. Nothing sends that signal stronger than taking a moment to teach something to someone.

  • SEEK OUT A NEW IDEA: Actively look for ideas and then champion them in the organization. This says a lot about your ability to accept change as a leader.  Leaders aren’t afraid to make a commitment, to make a choice or to move on.  And find something where you can say, “yes.” Nothing says you trust your organization more than the power of agreement.

  • TELL SOMEONE THEY DID A GOOD JOB: Leaders are not afraid to hand out praise when a job, large or small, is well done. This builds not only enthusiasm for the work, but trust in your management.
  • ACTIVELY LISTEN: Many of us talk about being good listeners, but few of us are really good at it. The next time you are asked to listen to someone, use clarifying and confirming skills, but don’t offer a point of view until the presenter says, “What do you think?”

  • BE PASSIONATE: Leaders have enthusiasm, passion, and energy. They transfer this energy to the organization and the business issues at hand. Practice being outright enthusiastic about an idea and watch how people change.  Sometimes this passion may turn to anger or frustration. This shows you are only human.  An effective leader has the capacity to move beyond emotion into constructive action.

  • HAVE FUN: Leaders typically enjoy what they are doing, no matter how tough the task. People want to follow someone who enjoys what they are doing


"Only Action gets you closer to your dreams - do something today that your future self will thank you for."


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