Why 99% may not be good enough, but 1% is amazing!


Sometime 1% is better than 99%, even though that sounds counterintuitive. Many improvement books, seminars, and articles have focused on why 99% is not good enough. The reason relates to statistics regarding what might occur if 99% is acceptable. Here are some commonly used statistics showing what might happen if 99% was OK:


 •   12 babies given to the wrong parents each DAY!

 •   103,260 income tax returns processed incorrectly this year

 •   880,000 credit cards with incorrect information on the magnetic stripe.

 •   20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions written in the next year.


We all get the point about 99%, but it can be a little overwhelming to think about getting to 99%, let alone hitting perfection. Chances are, we all have quite a bit of room between where we are now and perfection. When the gap is that daunting, it can easily lead to a feeling of why bother?


But let's take a moment to examine the other side of the improvement coin.


I prefer to think about current performance and strive for an extra 1%. Everyone can wrap their mind around getting 1% better, right? 1% more leads, 1% better customer service, 1% more accuracy, and so on. Now that sounds manageable. Following are some corresponding results if we can improve ourselves, our business, or some measurable metric by just 1% a week:


 •   4.1% increase in a month

 •   13.8% increase in a quarter

 •   29.5% increase semi-annually

 •   67.7% increase in a year

 •   181.4% increase in two years


Would you like an increase in sales and profits of 67.7% over the next year? How about watching your commissions increase by 29.5% over the next six months? Would your children notice if you were more than twice the parent you were two years ago? Our spouses and significant others might be willing to consider a 13.8% increase in appreciation over the next quarter.


What can you do this week to improve just 1%? Pick the action and resolve to put a plan together to take it from inspiration to effective execution! Make 1% a habit every week, and you'll see amazing results!1%


"Only Action gets you closer to your dreams - do something today that your future self will thank you for."


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